05 January 2010

Holy crap, PetroClean just merged onto the Information Superhighway

Now, PetroClean had a website, for a couple of years. This website was, uh....special. Then, for the last 6 or 9 months, it has been solely comprised of an "Under Construction, Please Call Us Directly At..." entry.

And, for the last couple of months, I actually got my ass in gear, along with some help from my pal, Josh, and we made us a website. To be specific, Josh did all the fancy, smarty-pants design, about which I had no clue, and now have a very small clue; and I did all of the content. I knew a lot about diesel and tanks before. Now I know some more, and what's most impressive, can even regurgitate these these brainknowledges from my facehole.

So anyways, now you can learn all sorts of crap in our FAQ section, like whether your boat or the boat of someone you love, or the boat of someone you are merely loosely acquainted with needs to have its tanks cleaned. Seriously. Be sure you/they call us.

So have at it, my friends, have at it:

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