31 January 2010


Yup, strangest thing. Being born in 1980 makes one eligible to turn 30 this year! And was I excited. Still am. I'm really bad at planning stuff, though, particularly when it involves tooting my own horn. Farting in public, no biggie. Telling everybody I'm great and they should think so too, and therefore honor me by doing what I wanna do--hard work. So I decided we'd do a pub stroll in Bellingham on my birthday, and Devon said we could go hang out in Anacortes, see some people and have dinner the weekend before.

And he surprised me!! 18 of our friends came to Adrift, where I used to work. I swore loud enough to alert all restaurant patrons to my shock, and it was AWESOME. Even my brother and his girlfriend (who had driven from Idaho) were there. Neil, Daver and James were all in the kitchen, Angela waited on our 20-top, and Nicole was there to greet us when we walked in the back door. Quite honestly, I had some idea something was up, when we were on a walk in Washington Park before going downtown, and Devon must have gotten a dozen text messages. No idea it was going to be that good, though. I could go on and on about the food, as I love Adrift's fare--it is part of the reason I moved to town--but I'll say that I had polenta with lamb sausage and Mama Lil's hot peppers, followed by Lopez Island Creamery's coconut ice cream with Old Rasputin chocolate sauce. Holy crap. My butt grew two sizes (the rest of me stayed the same size) when I moved to Anacortes. I blame it on the alcohol and the coconut ice cream-chocolate sauce devil-beast.

I also received some great presents, the most notable of which is a black cat that poops jellybeans when you push down on its back. My friends know me well.

We have a vacation home in Anaco, some of you may not know that. It is 23 feet long and parked in David Sizemore's driveway. After spending a couple of hours getting my ass kicked at shuffleboard and closing down the Brown Lantern, I was ready to collapse into the icy-cold sheets. But I was whisked (after a couple of taxi rides to deliver others to the vacation home) across the street to the Majestic Inn. We snuck Elli in, and we all slept great. Devon says his goal was to be waaayyyy out of the dog house. Well, mission accomplished. I have never had a better birthday, and it wasn't even my birthday yet.

So on Wednesday, after I had finished the 4th Quarter B&O taxes, we sullied forth to drink beers all about the great metropolis of Bellingham. Lots of North Cascades Institute-ers came and went, as we strolled from the Chuckanut Brewery to Jalepeno's Restaurant (long stroll, that, approximately 200 yards...maybe) to The Copper Hog to The Green Frog to Wood's Coffee in Boulevard Park, and finally to the Archer Ale House in Fairhaven. I had Chuckanut's Marzen, Jalepeno's bitchin' lime margarita, Laguinitas' Cappucino Stout, Ommegang's Rouge Sour, a double short mocha breve with Jameson's whiskey, and Sierra Nevada's Glissade. So very nice.

I'm 30 now, and it's great. Unfortunately, my capacity for getting hangovers seems to have accelerated, but I pulled through. Thank you, all dear and beloved friends who joined in the revelry. I had a wonderful week!

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