02 February 2010

oh, dear...

Well, you can all blame me (I know I will) if this early spring all goes to hell. It's February 2nd. I decided to plant greens, carrots and radishes in our casket-case planter. First I removed the crazy cat-shit fungus, and the rest of the uncomposted cat shit I could find. This gave me flashbacks to being a kid in Pendleton, playing in my dirt patch. Since I dug around in it all the time, the dirt was nice and fluffy and light, perfect for pooping in, if you were a cat. Then, when I found the cat poop presents, I'd make Mom come out and dig them out for me. Grossed me out then, and well, still has an effect now.

After finishing that task, I planted mesclun mix, scarlet nantes carrots, french breakfast radishes, golden and rainbow chard and lacinato kale. If it helps at all, the seeds were all old, from the last couple of years, and I don't know how well they'll take. This gamble was what convinced me to go for it. If they don't germinate, and/or the winter finally comes back (about which, I have my doubts, if for no other reason than the combination of Murphy's Law and the Vancouver Winter Olympics), well, no big deal. Once all seeds were placed and tamped down, I placed bamboo skewers throughout the bed, to dissuade cat butts from discharging here any longer.

All of the seeds are from Uprising Organics, a farm in Acme. I worked with Brian at the Skagit Co-op, and they provided gorgeous (and by that, I mean THE prettiest produce I have ever seen) to the North Cascades Institute, too. You can find their stuff at the Skagit and Bellingham Co-ops, as well as at the Bellingham Farmer's Market, in season. The seeds can be found in Co-ops from Bellingham to Portland.

Here's to all things green and growing and springlike that are not a result of me--the robins, willows, crocus, etc--that they may not be taken down by a surprise of freeze. And here's to winter taking it easy on me in a different fashon this year.

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