05 November 2010

Bowron Lakes Circuit!

If I put off writing about what else I've done until the lookout journal is done, it'll be December. However, when I sit to write about the Bowron Lakes trip, I just want to show you a slide show and talk. Trying to write about it overwhelms me right now. So, I'm gonna cheat and send you, once again, to Bananas or Bust's account of the trip, which is like a slide show, but by Kevin, instead of me. Come visit, and I'll give you our slide show. We have hundreds of (and I mean hundreds, Devon took 2 fewer pictures on the trip than I did in all of my time on Sheep Hill, and his camera died before the trip was over) photos. Mind you, I have narrowed it down to a "Highlights Of" presentation.

So HERE ( <--Right there! Click on it! You won't be disappointed! If you are, be sure to leave Kevin a comment and talk some trash!) is your tour of our tour of the lakes. If it makes you feel any better, some of the photos Kevin used were taken by me, and some by Devon.

For those of you familiar with the Betsy Canoes! series, this is the 2010 installment. 
It has the distinction of being the first not taken on Ross Lake.
(l-r: Leslee, Steve, Kevin, Josh, Devon, Betsy)

Bowron Lakes Cheesecake
2 pkgs Jello Cheesecake, plain
Butter, as called for on package
Nestle Nido Whole Instant Milk, to make milk as called for on package
1 pkg Raspberry Stuff From Mountain House Raspberry Dessert That You Have 
Inadvertently Hijacked From The Forest Service

-Combine Butter and Crust mix, press into bottom and up sides of 3-quart pot
-Combine Nido and Filling Mix, then add Water for milk, stir as required, pour into pot
-Combine Raspberry Stuff with boiling water, let cool, put on top of cheesecake. 
-Bungee lid on pot, put in creek until after dinner
-Eat gado gado with bacon for dinner
-Fetch cheesecake from creek, cut into 6 pieces
-Struggle to eat your piece of cheesecake, feed rest to Josh or Kevin, wish you'd eaten less dinner, because the cheesecake is so damn good. 

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