28 July 2012

...and for this summer's adventure(!)...

Well, once again, I thought I was going nowhere this summer. Months ago I learned that Thorp Lookout would also be shut down due to federal budget cuts, just like Sheep Hill the year before. Had I actually been keeping up on making posts, you would all know this already. This, and a good pile of other things. Like how I've been running races. And worked for the WTA again back in June. And went to Mexico for a little while. And have been river rafting and camping with friends a good deal. Et cetera. But I digress.

Once again, I was looking at a summer in which I would be home with Devon the whole time, would take proper care of my garden, would go backpacking all August and September long. Until about a week or so ago, when I was invited to become a deckhand on the good ship Nerka, trolling for salmon in Southeast Alaska. A few quick maneuvers later, I'll be flying north on Monday morning for about a month.

I have spent a wee bit of time living on a fishing boat in SE AK before, though it was a seiner which had been retro-fit for kayak tours, and I was the chef/host/deckhand. I have a good steep learning and muscular growth curve ahead of me, but the dearly beloved Joel and Tele will be excellent teachers, I have no doubt.

So there you have it. I am in the midst of a flurry of preparations, so this is a short update. If you have any inclination, I would highly encourage you to visit Tele's blog, and let her beautiful writing tell you about being a liberal-as-hell Alaskan, fisheating vegetarian, tough as nails woman, in what is largely still considered a man's world. Here's one of my favorite posts, From the Galley: Conflicts of the Feminist Fisherman, though I recommend exploring about.

All right, suckers, you'll hear from me on the far side.


  1. WOO-HOO! (also, Aw shucks, thanks good buddy.) We are SO excited for this new adventure, and awfully grateful to you and Devon both. Your freezers will be very full of fishy goodness this winter!

  2. Oh my goodness. I love when I discover a lady out there writing whose thoughts I dig and to whom I am connected by multiple strands. We have at least 2 threads between us... Jodie B and the Alaska Salmon world... I've read "Hooked" since Sean Rodda, a friend of a friend, turned me on to it, and I helped run the blog for my friend Ross Trainor (Formerly of the F/V Nora H and now of the F/V Heather Ashton) s Sea to Summit Expedition to protect the Bristol Bay Fishery. (http://seatosummit.wordpress.com/) Small world. Gonna be followin you lady. ! thanks for visiting my blog.