About Me

Wild Places and Real Food are my two top loves in life, illustrated well by the fact I am a classically trained chef who has wasted her education for nearly 11 years, fighting the good fight for work I enjoy. Usually this means work outside, but I also make the occasional foray into kitchens that support local, sustainable foodsheds (similar to a watershed: eat where you live, in a range that flows to you in the most natural way possible). I enjoy cooking at home way the hell more when I don't cook for a livelihood, so commercial cooking is more and more on the outs. 

Knowing my farmers and fishermen, and growing my own food gets me all woo-hoo and shit. Ask my brother about what a nerd I am about digging potatoes. Baking bread, fermenting kraut and yogurt and other delicious things has a similar effect. I also have an irreverent side: a favorite dish is Pot of Gold, one that likely makes my Chef Instructors roll in their graves and even my mother cringe. I love a good package of Zingers on a roadtrip, nevermind the fact that 'roadtrips' for me haven't stretched beyond Montana in 10 years. 

I'm enormously lucky to have a lookout in the wilderness of Idaho to call home for one third of the year, and living between the mountains of Idaho and the saltwater of Bellingham, Washington gives me all the sorts of back yard I could want for all the activities I love.